Building Brands with Grassroots Focus

Lamon Records is committed to promoting and marketing our artists and music releases. We take a multi-leveled approach to artist promotion, concentrating not only on radio promotion, but also on retail marketing, media coverage, artist showcases, music video support, viral and social marketing, and more.

Artist Promotion & Music Marketing

We maintain relationships with entertainment journalists, music publicists, cultural sites, and others in the media.

Using “One Sheets,” label press releases, in-house and 3rd party publicists, and other outlets to promote and draw attention to our artists’ music and releases, we spread the world to anyone who will listen. We concentrate on reaching music buyers for retail chains, independent book stores, record shops, digital download servers, and a number on online retail music outlets.

Our label’s publicists use a list of music and entertainment writers and reviewers to promote the artist career, as well as the current music collection we’re promoting in as many media outlets as possible… all geared towards driving sales and awareness of our artists’ music.


Social Media 

We design effective and targeted viral marketing strategies to grow an audience and lay the ground work for building a viable music brand surrounding our artists.  Capitalizing on the amazing power of social networks, entertainment blogs, media sharing sites and more, we push the edges of the latest technology to drive awareness and help build fan bases for our artists around the world.

Our online marketing & publicity team seeks to develop strategic campaigns that target promotional and editorial placement with music and entertainment portals, national and local blogs, genre-specific outlets, cultural and lifestyle sites, video outlets and online radio networks.


Lifestyle and Street Team Marketing

We seek to develop and maintain lists of dedicated marketing representatives nationwide.  Street teams can be built around target people groups like college students, soccer moms, country music fans, church youth pastors, and more – depending on the genre.

We can assist artists with building contests, physical tools and giveaways, special events (online and offline) and word-of-mouth promotion to build an audience and promote the artist and music.


Artist Development, Bookings and Management

We focus on being an artist development record label, handling everything from production, distribution, marketing, and more, but we can also support artists by connecting them with bookings, concert promoters, and others as we serve as a vital member of the artist management team.


Want to book one of our artists?  Call or contact us for more information.