Fresh new Country-Rock music coming from Orange County, California, Dave Donatelli brings a fresh perspective to a classic genre. Taking his influences from The Eagles, Jackson Browne, and Alan Jackson, Dave’s music shows his passion for songwriting.

Dave started playing music in his 5th grade school band, learning the drums first. His parents saw his early passion and bought his first drum set at the age of 11. He would spend hours learning to play his favorite songs by Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. Later in high school, he’d sing karaoke and discovered new genres to explore such as country. After learning to play guitar, he started merging both country and rock to write his new songs. 

Writing songs primarily about everyday life, relationships, and experiences, Dave likes to make connections to his listeners. 

“I hope my listeners can relate to something in their own lives and can connect to my songs. I hope I can lift someone up,” Dave shares. 

Dave Donatelli’s self-titled EP will be available at all retail outlets on January 8th, 2021. His first radio single from the EP on Lamon is “Memory Lane” that will hit radio January 4th.  You can follow Dave on his social media pages or visit for more information.