We sit down with John Wood recently to learn more about his music and more. In his own words…

How did you get your start in music? I started playing the guitar and singing for fun freshman year. I grew up in a musical family and always sang in the car and all that, but I didn’t pick up the guitar or piano until freshman year of high school. I only recently started performing.

Who are you Influences? My mom was a professional singer in a wedding band, so being around the band definitely influenced me. I grew up listening to Zac Brown Band, Stevie Wonder, Jim Croce, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and many others which shaped me musically I feel. Now, I would say my biggest influences are ERNEST, Morgan Wallen, and Jon Pardi.

Do you have in hobbies? I enjoy surfing, working out, being near the beach, playing baseball, basketball, volleyball or any sport, and watching sports. I also really enjoy cooking.

What do you hope audiences will gain from your music? I just want people to be able to feel my music. A lot of what I write is meant to make you feel a certain type of way. Whether it be excited, hopeful, romantic, etc, I think a positive feeling can be derived by most of my music. I just want to spread positivity and make people happy by doing what I love.

Tell us a little about the Inspiration behind your music. Definitely a lot of ERNEST, I love his writing style and the vibe in his music. Morgan Wallen is definitely another artist influence also. He is one of the reasons I began to be a songwriter. And Jon Pardi’s vibe and swag really inspires me. I love his upbeat feel and stage presence.

What instruments do you play? I play guitar, piano, and I dabble in bass and drums.

You’ve only recently started performing. What venues/ places/events have you performed live? I performed at the Barefoot Country Music Festival and I play many bars and venues locally. The local places that I play at make me feel at home. Nothing would be possible without them.

How you would describe your music & genre to new listeners? I would say there’s something for everyone in my music. I am a country artist, but I don’t like to restrict myself to just that. One day I may write a tropical beachy song, the next I’ll be writing traditional country. I am a big fan of versatility and collaboration so you will definitely find something in my music.

You can learn more about John Wood on his website & social media pages… Instagram: @johnwoodmusic, Tik Tok: @johnwoodmusic, Facebook: @johnwoodmusic1.

For more info on John’s single “HERE SHE COMES” and more… visit www.lamonrecords.com