Exploring New Media Opportunities

Lamon Records, through its Moody Music Group division, publishes music in all styles and genres. We have affiliate BMI, ASCAP and SESAC publishing companies pitching songs to recording artists, labels, and producers, as well as for synchronization licenses in film, television, corporate and new media opportunities.


a division of Lamon Records Corporation


Music Publishing through BMI and ASCAP

Representing our Music Publishing  catalogs:
Songs from AmericanaStreet / BMI
PraiseStreet Music / BMI
Laymond Publishing / BMI
CDT Publishing / ASCAP
and Administering these Music Publishers and their catalogs:
Mallie B Music / BMI
All Of You Music / BMI 

Now providing songwriters and publishers… 

1) song-plugging services to major and indie label artists… 2) ”music for film” pitching to film makers, movie studios
and television program producers, and… 3) music for games, advertisement and other new use media.


Demo Policy


Moody Music Group no longer accepts unsolicited song demos from writers and publishers. However, we have outlined a specific procedure for you to get your songs heard by our staff, artists and producers. 


1. We’re going GREEN, so please use our Contact Us Page to send a link to your music. 

2. Tell us what you’re sending and how it should be handled using these criteria: 

A… Pitch to Artist: you are sending song(s) for one of our artist to consider  B… Pitch To Publisher: you want us to consider publishing your song(s)  C… Song Plugger Services: you want us to consider plugging your songs to major labels, movie makers, television, game and other media. (Call for details)

Allow 6-8 weeks for a response.



 Mechanical, Sync and Master Use Licenses

Looking for a mechanical license for one of our published songs?
Need a sync license or master use license for a video, movie or tv broadcast?
Please Contact Us or call 615.379.2121.