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All testimonials below are used by permission.

BRIAN LEE BENDERCountry Artist/Songwriter

Lamon has been a huge game changer for my music. ~ Brian Lee Bender

JILL & JULIAIndie, Alternative, Folk Country Artists/Songwriters

Lamon’s production team are real pros.  And Dave Moody’s attention to production details really brought out the best of Jill & Julia’s music, style and song lyrics . ~ P. Tirinnanzi, manager

KIMBERLY ATWOODCountry Artist/Songwriter

I have more than one “Favorite Moment” with Dave Moody & the Lamon Records team in the three years I have worked with them, but there are a few that seem to really stand out.

First and foremost has to be the first time I got to go to Nashville to record my EP Album with Dave & the team. I remember the excitement of stepping foot into an actual studio & hearing the songs I had written in my bedroom in Lampe, Missouri get put to life. The whole process was just amazing. The second moment that I have really cherished is the three years I have gotten to attend the CMA Music Festival in Nashville. I still remember the feeling I had when Dave told me I would be going. I think I literally screamed. Since then, each year has been such a learning experience and wonderful opportunity being able to attend the festival and meet fans and connect with other artists.

The last moment I am going to write about (though there are many more) is when we were about to play the Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Nashville. I believe it was in 2012. I always get excited to play with other Musicians and I was completely blown away by the group of talent Dave Moody had arranged to play behind us that night, including himself on guitar and his son Josh on drums. I feel very blessed for my time I have gotten to work with Lamon Records.  ~ Kimberly

ALAN JAMESSinger/Songwriter

The relationship I have shared with Lamon Records thus far has been nothing short of wonderful.  Music is such a central part of my life and although I have been doing it for years, the incredible people at Lamon have provided a path to present my music to the world.  The first time I worked with Dave, Josh, and Jena I was blown away by the entire process.  The musicianship and the whole studio experience was a life-changing one for me.

I have been so blessed with a wonderful family; my wife, my daughters, my parents, and now my extended Lamon family.  Whether I’m doing something in Christian or country music I look forward to the next project with the great people at Lamon.  I am excited about the future and I hope that my music will reach and move others the way that music has moved me. ~ Alan James

RYAN MORRISAlternative Singer/Songwriter

Working with Lamon Records has been a great experience.  I truly feel that with their help, I have become a better artist.   ~ Ryan Morris


When I moved to Nashville for music, I never thought I would actually get to pursue music. See, after setting up my home studio and talking to the locals, I quickly realized I was living in a sea of musicians, all who seemed to have been working for ten plus years towards my similar goal! This was my first test- ‘don’t be intimidated’. My answer to ‘standing out’ was to do everything in the industry. From recording others, to writing, to performing, to publishing, I was able to meet industry professionals who kept pointing me in the right direction. After sending out demos to labels around town, it was the waiting game for me. Not two months after sending the demos, my band mate calls, and in a highly ecstatic voice says, “check your email!”…. low and behold, Lamon Records, Nashville’s Premiere Indie Label had received our demo, and wanted to meet and talk further about our music. I didn’t know what to think! I actually sat for a few days contemplating if this was a real situation. I’ve heard so many stories in the industry about mistrust, it was hard for me to get excited about such interest in my music. However, not two days later, I was talking with a good friend who is a recording engineer, and worked at Quad Studios Nashville. After regaling him with the email I had received, he promptly exclaimed, “Dave Moody!?  He’s the man!  If Dave is interested in you, then you must really have something!” It was at that moment that my musical life took the next step.

Since working with the Moody’s and the Lamon Records team, I’ve learned more about the music industry than when I was in college. They have educated me on the ways of the studio, the process of making an album, and how to promote it. Working with such a close knit family gave me the strength I needed to keep moving forward in times when I easily could have thrown in the towel. Lamon Records has helped me find the true musician inside, and gave me the courage to share that with the world.

Thank you for everything. ~ Andy Howell

BUDDY JEWELLBillboard #1 Country Album Artist

I am especially excited to be part of the Lamon family because we share the same basic values: God, country and family. Lamon has a fantastic track record and more importantly to me, a great reputation inside the music industry. I am extremely proud to be affiliated with them and I look forward to our initial release and to the beginning of what I hope to be a long and lasting friendship.

~ Buddy Jewell

OLE GUSTAV JOHNSENX Factor Finalist from Norway

To me Lamon Record is not just an ordinary indie label, but almost like family. I relate to how big and out of the box this company thinks and that they’re not afraid of a challenge. They signed me, remember… Back in the days when almost nobody believed in me these guys did and that too makes them family to me. I KNOW they REALLY care about me both as an artist AND as a person, which, to me at least, is golden! We share the same passion for music and are equally excited about how we visualize and work on ideas which starts as tiny specs in our minds. But they also care deeply about REAL professionalism (they are REAL professionals mind you!) and really know how to do good business and great productions both in terms of music and movies, a rare combination for a small indie label. I’m really blessed to have been picked up by Lamon! ~ Ole Gustav Johnsen

COURTNEY STEWARTCountry Artist/Songwriter

We have enjoyed working with Lamon Records over the last several years.  Dave Moody, a Grammy nominated producer, really brought Courtney’s music to life in the studio.  The musicians he chose for us gave it their all and we benefited from their experience. We were thrilled with the results on Courtney’s first CD.

We also had the opportunity to make two music videos with Dave and Josh Moody.  Each one was special and we were permitted to provide input and ideas, which we appreciated.  We found all of the Lamon staff to be organized for our productions and responsive to our needs.

The experiences we have had with Lamon have been memorable and include playing at various showcases in the Nashville area, pitching our videos to the Executive team of CMT at their Nashville headquarters, playing at the Midnight Jamboree on live WSM radio, and participating in at CMT Fan Fair for three years.  These are just a few of the benefits we as a family, and Courtney as an Artist, have enjoyed, while being part of the Lamon label.  ~ Janet, Vaughn and Courtney Stewart

PHIL KLEINTime Warner Cable, Klein and Associates LLC

Dave has an incredible track record of success in creatively executing in the studio and on film. He uses his own experience and talent along with creatively fostering other resources to produce high quality results. The most impressive thing about Dave is his integrity and character. ~ Phil Klein


Do you want to talk about it, or do you want to get it done? If you want to get it done, and get it done creatively and right, Dave’s the right man for the producing job. Producer, writer, songwriter, singer. He’s gotten it done time and time again. ~ Steve Horswill-Johnson

CODY JOE HODGESCountry Artist/Songwriter

The whole process, from recording, video production and Lamon’s team itself, has been incredible.  Lamon Records hand-picked some of the most talented musicians to assist me in my recording. The final product is amazing, and I’m expecting only great things to come! ~ Cody Joe Hodges

LAURA EWERSEditor, New Music Enterprises

It is a rare thing indeed for Record Companies to last longer than a decade. Usually they come and go, merge and decline, so it is well worth celebrating with Lamon Records as they mark 50 years in business! ~ Laura Ewers


JEFF COLLINSEntertainer, Impressionist

Dave is knowledgeable and a real expert in the music industry. He has recorded music for our family and given us the feedback we needed. The quality has always been excellent. We apprecaite Dave and his integrity. ~ Jeff Collins


ROSE ANGELICASinger/Songwriter/Performer

I love to play music and make people happy. There’s nothing better than having an audience sing your songs along with you in a live show.  I have been performing for 50 years and Lamon Records gave me the opportunity to share my music world wide and gain new fans.  It has been a great journey with more to come. ~ Rose Angelica

JIGGLEY JONESAmericana Artist/Songwriter

As soon as I entered the studio I felt a certain reassurance that things were gonna go smooth. The recording process can be quite stressful if it’s the wrong situation. You know that you’re on the clock and have to transfer that stress to a good passionate artistic performance, sometimes a very difficult thing to do. Not the case when I worked with Dave and Josh. Each separately had their own end of the situation completely under control and with that initial confidence that got stronger as the experience went on, I could relax and try to do what I was there for. I think that positive and professional energy showed in the way the final product came out and that’s what it’s all about. ~ Jiggley Jones

DAVID ROACHChristian Artist/Composer

I have always enjoyed working with Dave whether it be recording music or a video.  He certainly went above and beyond to get my video finished and online for viewing and purchasing.  He’s top notch!!!  ~ David Roach

All Lamon Records reviews used by permission.